Pentland ponies would not be the same without our fabulous team of good natured horses and ponies. We’re extremely proud to share their stories with you and if you have any questions please do contact us. You can look at our facebook page if you would like to see more pictures of our ponies.

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13hh cob mare

Roo is a superb 13hh cob horse mare who has an excellent nature and is happy to adjust to any level of rider. A kind and gentle mare who will school nicely when asked and loves a good brush and a cuddle.


15hh cob mare

Whispa is a cracking mare who has been owned in our family for a number of years, purchased as a just backed youngster we have slowly brought her on to have had a varied career being well schooled in all disciplines. She really adjusts to suit her rider and is anyone's ride. She stands around 15hh.



17hh warmblood gelding

George is a kind and gentle soul, standing around 17hh he is a lovely schoolmaster type, retired to us for a slightly slower pace of life. He will look after his rider although is not quite a novice ride sometimes needing guidance from his rider.


14hh connemara mare

Star has had a successful showjumping career, she was retired to us for a slightly slower pace of life. She stands around 14hh and enjoys cuddles and affection from everyone, she is a very sweet natured laid back girl whilst being forward and responsive to ride.



14.2hh appaloosa x cob mare

Minnie is a lovely sweet natured girl with a very chilled out attitude to life. She was bought as an unhandled project and has quietly been brought on both on the ground and under saddle. She is proving herself to be an asset to our team with her cheeky personality and kind, gentle nature. She still has some maturing to do and is expected to finish off around 14.2hh.


15hh cob mare

Tilly is a wonderful mare with a huge character, she gives everything 110% and although not particularly talented at jumping always gives it her best shot. She is a very forward going and responsive ride, she came to us having been a broodmare. She will adapt to carry any level of rider and always looks after them. She stands around 15hh.



13hh cob mare

Pepper is a lovely natured little cob! Super safe and easy to work with, she came to us needing handling and to be broken in, we fell in love and she's here to stay. Adjusts to meet her riders needs and is so chilled out! She is around 13hh.


15.2hh sports horse gelding

Jackson is a forward going responsive ride who's pretty laid back about everything. He has a lovely cheeky personality. He is around 15.2hh.



15.3hh connemara x tb mare

Molly is a lovely kind and gentle natured mare, she really enjoys her work and loves a good brush. She came to us needing brought back into work and then dropped us a lovely surprise foal so had to have some time off on maternity leave. Since being brought back into work she is a superb easy forward going and responsive ride who really looks after her rider and gives everything 110%. She stands around 15.3hh.


14.2hh cob mare

Splash is a lovely cob mare who came to us having been a broodmare. She is a fabulous character who is very chilled out about life and easy to work around. She stands around 14.2hh and enjoys a good scratch under her mane.



16.3hh Clydesdale x gelding

Teddy is a lovely big horse with a heart to match! Super kind and gentle whilst being a forward going and responsive ride he is a very handsome big guy! He stands around 16.3hh.


15.3hh sports horse gelding

Scout is a lovely gelding bursting with personality! He is a sweet natured horse to work around whilst being forward and responsive to ride. He enjoys a good groom and neck scratch.



14.2hh cob mare

Bertha is a lovely kind mare who takes excellent care of her rider. She is sweet to handle and loves a good groom while being forward and responsive to ride.