What is a horse share? 
*A horse share is like having your own horse part time, the owner is still responsible for the horses general care and upkeep but you share some of the responsibility some of the time, for example one morning or afternoon a week the horse is yours to look after and ride and the rest of the time its up the owner or other sharers to check on the horse.

Why have a part share? 
*It allows you the opportunity to experience what its like to look after a horse and generally involves spending a bit more time with the horse than having riding lessons at a riding school. You will be involved in maintaining the field (poo picking, ragwort pulling etc), bringing the horse in and out from the field, tacking up, cleaning the tack and equipment, making sure the horse has water, feeding the horse and of course exercising the horse. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your general knowledge and skills.

What if I don’t know what to do? 
*That’s okay! We are all still learning and are all at different levels of experience. We spend a little bit of time initially with new sharers to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to be able to care for the horse and we are available throughout your share to help you learn or refresh skills. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills to prepare you for horse ownership like loading the horse on the lorry to go to the beach or holding the horse for the farrier should you wish. We also have a youtube channel where we share tutorials like how to pick out the horses feet to help you learn. 

How much experience do I need? 
*You need to be able to walk, trot and canter the horse in a safe and controlled manner as well as being confident and willing to learn to handle, groom and tack up etc. 

What do I need? 
*We provide everything you need for the horse (tack, rugs, hi vis gear) so you just need your own helmet, grooming kit and riding boots or wellies. It is advisable to have waterproofs and a change of clothes. You will need a head torch with a red light on the back in case of poor visibility. 

Can I bring my own equipment? 
*You are very welcome to have your own headcollar for the horse but please leave all other equipment up to us, that way if anything is broken or damaged there are no extra costs for you to replace. 

Is there an opportunity to try the horse?
Yes after you’ve filled out an enquiry form with all your details and we can agree a suitable slot and horse we will invite you up to meet us and the horse where you will be offered one short trial ride around the farm to make sure it’s a good match. Thereafter we will get you setup and someone will go out with you during your slots initially to make sure you are okay and know some routes. If at anytime during your share you need help we are happy to offer advice or assistance, you just need to ask. 

What facilities do we have? 
*We have superb hacking with lots of routes on and off road, you can be out 5 minutes or you can be out for hours. We also have a small arena area for walking and trotting in on the farm as well as a large secure tack area for you leave your equipment and a caravan for sitting in and toilet facility. We are consistently looking at ways to improve our facilities and services. 

How do you know your horses are safe? 
*We have many years of experience as a family working with horses including handling and breaking in as well as an excellent support network of trainers. We work extensively with our horses when we buy them in to ensure they are suitable for the job and have a checklist we work through (is it safe in traffic, good to catch, open a gate on etc) before the horse is released into the share scheme.

Do you keep training the horses? 
*Yes we do, we like to ensure the horse is enjoying its job by keeping their workload and riders varied. A member of our team regularly rides the horses to ensure they are still suited to the job and to provide ongoing training.

What about winter? 
*We have a fully lit area on the farm to tack up in and also have lights and fluorescent sheets for the horses, we just ask that our riders wear a headtorch on their hat with a red bike light on the back to increase visibility. Most of our routes are suitable to use in all weathers.

Are there extra costs?
*Only if you want to have lessons or compete, go to the beach etc then you pay your own fees associated with this. We organise all transport etc and attending these events is completely optional. 

What about if the horse is unwell or injured? 
*We take full responsibility if the horse is unwell and needs the vet or treatment. There are no extra costs or responsibilities incurred to you as the sharer in the event the horse is unwell. Sometimes this means you wouldn’t be able to ride exactly the same as if it was your own horse and it was poorly however if we have a suitable replacement we will do our best to offer an alternative horse to ride but this is not guaranteed. 

What if I want to cancel?
*That’s not a problem! You just need to give us one full month’s written notice, this period is to the end of the next calendar month and must be paid for regardless of circumstances. If your circumstances change and you are not able to attend the horse, you just need to let us know and we will ensure the horse is seen to on your behalf during your notice period. 

What if I can’t make it up one week or I’m on holiday?
*That’s not a problem, just let us know and we will make sure the horse is seen to on your behalf.