1.The share period will start on receipt of confirmation email from sharer and continue until terminated by either party.


2. The SHARER shall pay a fee per SHARE slot to the OWNER on the 1st of each month in advance. This fee is to be paid regardless of whether or not SHARER is able to attend/ride on their selected slots. This stands during holidays as well. Failure to pay promptly will result in the SHARE being terminated. The SHARER is responsible for cancelling direct debit/standing orders. 

3.It is understood by the SHARER that the OWNER remains the registered owner of the HORSE.

4.The OWNER is responsible for all farrier, veterinary and livery costs and will arrange these as required.

5. The SHARER may terminate this agreement by giving one month’s written notice. The OWNER may terminate or suspend this agreement at any time without giving notice. 

6.During these times the SHARER is responsible for the HORSE and the SHARER should also carry out the following duties:

•    Poopick the field each share day taking at least 1 full wheelbarrow out each time
•    top up water for the horses as needed
•    lift any droppings on the yard/outside the field
•    clean tack, generally tidy up

7.It is understood by the SHARER that they will not allow any other person to ride the HORSE without the OWNER’s prior permission.

8.The HORSE may be used by the SHARER for hacking, jumping under 50cm and light schooling. Any other uses require prior permission from the OWNER.

9.If the SHARER uses the HORSE within riding lessons or competitions/other activity the SHARER will be responsible for the payment of any lesson fees or competition entry fees and transport fees.

10.The SHARER is required to take out rider insurance cover for all their activities with the horse which is to be provided with NFU. 

11.In addition the following special requirements and precautions apply to the horse: 
•    HORSE is to be thoroughly brushed off around the saddle/girth and bridle area and feet picked out before and after exercise
12.If, for any reason, the SHARER is unable to attend to the horse on the agreed days the OWNER must be informed in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made for the horse.

13.. The SHARER may ride the HORSE during their slot paying attention to the HORSES condition and level of fitness. The SHARER may take on extra slots at the going rate which are to be paid for in advance. Extra slots will not be held unless paid for. It is understood by the SHARER that there may be occasions where due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances where they cannot ride. 

14.SHARER must abide by the rules of the YARD at all times. OWNER reserves the right to move the horse at any time and will notify the SHARER.

15.The SHARER will promptly notify the OWNER if the SHARER notices that the HORSE has incurred any illness, injury or unusual behaviour.

16.The following pieces of equipment are supplied by the OWNER and it is agreed by the SHARER that they are in good working order and free from any defects which impede safe use.

•    Bridle and any other tack horse requires
•    Saddle, girth
•    rugs for HORSE

17.Any damage to tack or equipment noted by the SHARER during the period of this agreement must be notified to the OWNER promptly.

18. Tack and equipment is not to be altered in any way whatsoever unless agreed or changed by the owner. This includes saddle pads or use of ear bonnets, boots etc. Only the equipment supplied by owner is to be used on the horse with the exception of headcollar. SHARER may use their own headcollar.

19. SHARER must wear hi viz equipment when riding the HORSE.

20. SHARER agrees that they know, understand and will follow the highway and countryside code when riding the HORSE.

21. SHARER must wear a riding hat and suitable footwear at all times when riding the HORSE. Hat should be up to current standards.

22. SHARER agrees to leave tack and equipment in a tidy manner and to leave the yard neat and tidy.

23. OWNER agrees to continue feeding the HORSE in keeping with current yard routine. SHARERS may be asked to give the feed to their horse on/during SHARERS slot.

24. SHARERS must carry a working mobile phone on them at all times so that in the event of needing assistance they are able to phone for help. Children must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times.

25. OWNER cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for any incidents/accidents when SHARER is with or out on the HORSE. The SHARER agrees and understands they take on the SHARE completely at their own risk and will be liable for damages/costs in the event the HORSE were to injure itself/the SHARER or any other persons/animals and/or damage to property whilst the SHARER is near/handling or riding the HORSE.